For Partners of Mothers

At Pros&Babes, we encourage fathers to take parental leave and participate in managing the mental, emotional, and domestic labour that increases with having children.

A Father's Perspective:

 "Thanks again for allowing me to participate in the MoMBA program for this past month alongside (my partner). I think you are doing amazing work and after this last month I can see why my partner’s confidence has grown so much since beginning your program. The MoMBA participants have become a welcoming support group for new and existing members and this was evident even in my limited experience with the program.
During this past month we explored our personal brand- specifically how to develop and utilize our personal brand statement. I have been through many leadership training sessions throughout my career and the concept of “being intentional about leading yourself first” never truly stuck with me until the creation of my brand statement. It is interesting that something as “simple” as distilling your work-self into a single sentence forces you to think so deeply about how you want others to perceive you. I also appreciate that you brought in an expert on personal branding to guide us through the creation of a brand statement and how to utilize it. Without the framework she provided, coming up with the brand statement would be extremely daunting and was something I may never have considered.

I was familiar with an elevator speech as a sales tactic but it was always directed more towards a product or the company instead of oneself... I thought my work would speak for itself but moving forward I will be more intentional about developing and using my brand statement when I engage with other members of my industry.
The format of MoMBA- training/seminars mixed with Q&A and networking is a welcome change from other courses I have attended as it allows you to gain insight into how other participants interpreted the training and can change your mindset while bolstering confidence in the explored topics. In many past experiences a seminar or training is given and then participants are left to explore the topics alone. Having access to past recorded sessions also allows you to proceed at your own pace or catch up if you missed a session.
Although the MoMBA is directed primarily towards new mothers it is applicable to new Fathers or anyone who is looking to advance in their careers as well. The principles can be applied to a number of situations and with such a supportive community it would be hard not to feel more empowered and confident in your daily and work life. Men go through some pretty major changes as well after becoming Fathers and those of us that choose to take paternity leave may experience a disconnect at work similar to mothers returning from maternity leave. Although I only participated directly with the MoMBA this month I know the other portions of the program are just as important and beneficial due to my wife being a long term member of the program. Anyone willing to invest in themselves through the MoMBA will be doing themselves a favor that they can reflect on years down the road with pride."


- A MoMBA participant's partner (shared with permission)