Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MoMBA™ (Mom MBA)  space all about?

In a nutshell, it’s a place where women can find more community, joy, money, professional advancement (promotions and additional sources of income), and time as working moms who are navigating, competitive, corporate, STEM/STEAM, and demanding careers.


Who is the MoMBA™  program for?

This program is geared towards women who experience or relate to at least three of the following:

  • Are highly educated and whose identity was defined by their career, up until they had kids
  • Don’t want to tackle these big life and career challenges alone
  • Operate well in a community of like-minded individuals
  • Are wanting more! Wanting more for their kids, their finances, their overall health, life, and wellbeing
  • Are looking to make leaps in developing their personal brand to get that next great position and raise
  • Are refining how they set boundaries with themselves and others
  • Tackling challenges on the way to leadership roles, specifically how it all relates to male-dominated fields
  • Are facing burnout or setbacks by the motherhood penalty, being passed over for promotions and raises


If you recognize yourself in at least three of these points, then the program is for you!


How do I know this is the right time?

Most women who join the MoMBA™  program said they knew it was the right time because they saw this as a chance to reset their approach to life. Motherhood changes you, and this becomes a time to reset. It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, on parental leave, or a working mom with older kids.

What matters is that you’re ready for a change, and new habits to support lasting change.

You’ve tried doing it alone, or maybe you’ve worked with a therapist or a 1-1 coach, but it’s just not enough to get a lasting breakthrough. And you find that your work environment lacks the network or resources to help you thrive and feel supported as a working mom.

The women who have signed up, signed up to be their best selves for their kids, their partners, their family, and most importantly for themselves. They wanted to:

  • Move from just surviving to thriving
  • Connect and feel supported
  • Advance their careers and wealth plans
  • Become a positive role model to their kids
  • Put themselves first instead of last
  • Be in charge of their lives
  • Focus their efforts instead of increasing them, and
  • Reach their full potential.

The sentiments above are the ones that continually popped up for the women who have taken the jump into the program.


What is the structure of the program?

The program is a 12-month hybrid group coaching and 1-1 program for successful, educated moms working in competitive corporate careers or STEM/STEAM fields. You get:

  • Access to our interactive learning portal, which includes the on-demand curriculum (videos, podcasts, articles, checklists, tools, progress tracking tools) organized in 12 topics, and a social learning feed where a prompt will pop up every day, and in which you can interact with other participants.
  • Weekly group Zoom lunchtime or evening calls every month:
    • A teaching call (week 1) - recorded
    • Discussion calls (weeks 2-3)
    • Accountability calls (week 4)
  • Special guest speakers
  • 1-1 support four to six times per year, text message support to kick-start your journey
  • An app to learn an interact on the go, even when nursing or with full hands
  • A custom designed vision and values board, and a customizable roadmap, to hang on print and hang your wall
  • A group chat to troubleshoot any problem at any time, with other participants
  • Discounted rates on our bonus nordic spa retreats
    The program structure can be adjusted to meet the community's needs. Please refer to terms of use for further details.


How do I lead myself through the investment?

First, we need to explain why we don’t post the price of the MoMBA™  program publicly. We know that many women’s finances are stretched thin during motherhood, and often we have heard that many women will self-select OUT of the opportunity without doing more research into the return on their investment.

What we can tell you is that our members who initially felt like “it was a lot of money” said that after a few months in the program they found no other comparable programs on the market that offered more value through the results they got,  the amount of content, 1-1 support, group support, guest speakers, an app for support on the go, and so much more.

In sum, our participants rave about their ROI, and how accessible this program is compared to others on the market.

To help you, we have opted for a method where we schedule a one-on-one call with you to consider multiple facets of this investment. These meetings include topics such as:

  • Exploring multiple funding options that have led moms to say yes, after a proper cash flow analysis
  • The return on your investment (ROI) calculation will help justify your investment now while looking at what is attainable in the future. Calculating your long-term and short-term return on investment of your core pillars (right mindset, clarity, purpose, career skills, relationships, support systems).
  • The cost of doing nothing, and the cost of inaction on you and your family. Often we think of the dollar sign of investing but there is also a real cost of doing nothing.
  • Performing a visualization exercise that allows you to see where you could be, making the program more tangible.
  • Getting in touch with other members of the program to discuss and learn more about the value they obtained, learning their own life stories and how they got over their fears to make the decision. You are not alone in making this decision.


How does the motherhood penalty show up? And why do we talk about it?

The ‘motherhood penalty’ is a term used in research, academia and media, and it explains the biological and cultural disadvantages in pay, perceived competence, and benefits working mothers face. How do you know you’ve experienced the motherhood penalty? Have you ever:

  • Felt full of self-doubt about being a good parent and your ability to spend enough time with your kids, while juggling career goals and financial obligations?
  • Been stuck on autopilot, lacking vision for work/life balance, or struggling to clearly define your career and family happiness priorities?
  • Felt overwhelmed with taking care of yourself and your family, while also trying to squeeze in a peaceful shower between loads of never-ending laundry because the baby is pooping every five minutes?
  • Found yourself people-pleasing and lacking boundaries with in-laws or other well-meaning folks who think they know what’s best for your family’s sleep, diet, career, etc. or constantly insert their own opinions on when or whether you should even work while raising a family?
  • Felt guilty for feeling like you need to hire a housekeeper, babysitter, or personal assistant so that you can FINALLY catch up on some sleep, leave the house solo for a few hours, or go on a well-deserved date night with your husband (or a night out with your friends) because you’re trying to “be it all” between driving your kids to all their extracurricular activities, work, and taking care of a newborn?
  • Felt like a perfectionist and wildly hard on yourself, thinking you’re the only one who can “do it all,” and not asking your family or your partner for support in contributing to childcare so that you can have a proper rest or self-care time?
  • Wondered if you got passed on for that promotion, exciting project, or raise because you took time off for maternity leave?
  • Found yourself self-sabotaging through a loud inner critic voice that tells you’ll never have it all and that the “ball has to drop somewhere?”

We talk about this as a persistent problem moms face and draw attention to it so women no longer feel alone in these feelings, and can create a new way of being that’s the opposite of these struggles.


What kind of results can I expect from the MoMBA™  Program?

Members of the MoMBA™  program have achieved the following results. They’ve:

  • Built themselves a robust wealth plan, geared towards being a mother. Financial plans are typically built by men for men, so our curriculum includes very successful women thought leaders in the financial industry who will share all their tricks with you on how they’re building their multi-million dollar wealth plans with women just like you.
  • Skyrocketed their confidence, negotiating promotions during or straight out of maternity leave, or getting Fridays off.
  • Gotten personal development credits from our training to maintain their professional designation (for example, in engineering) during their maternity leave, when no other training was accessible to them during that period of life.
  • Stopped feeling completely overwhelmed by their never-ending to-do list (which they thought was impossible before) and regained a sense of command over their emotional reactions and schedule.
  • Spoken up with confidence as the only woman in a room full of men, and set polite and effective boundaries with “difficult” clients.
  • Transformed their mindset around feeling like a victim of the “motherhood penalty” and became sponsors of other women, promoting them into positions of leadership.
  • Negotiated responsibilities with their spouse or partner in a way that was fun and relaxing, leading to romance and not countless arguments about the laundry, the kids’ medical appointments and milestones, and family members popping in unexpectedly for a “surprise visit”.


How is this program different from other programs?

There are 100s of personal growth and career development programs, but very few are targeted towards a busy mom’s schedule. Our program is divided into small, digestible chunks for busy moms to consume over small periods of time.

This is also one of the only programs that finds harmony between career and personal development. It’s a multi-modal learning experience.


How am I going to fit this into my already super busy schedule as a mom with a career and young kids?

If you are watching Netflix, or if you spend time scrolling through social media, you have time for this program. It’s all about turning your time into a productive habit.

We have weekly live meetings set at various, convenient times to incorporate into your schedule. Some are not recorded for privacy reasons, but many meetings with guest speakers are recorded and stored to be watched at later times.


Why the focus on the motherhood penalty, STEM/STEAM, and corporate?

There is a lot of debate on whether or not we should even use the term, ‘motherhood penalty’. Why are you describing motherhood as a penalty? we are often asked.  Well, because it’s a well-known term used in academia that a lot of people recognize. But, we also see it as the turning point for moms to start having a super exciting, demanding career all while handling the joys and challenges of motherhood.

As for developing a focus for women in challenging careers like STEM or corporate, often we see that attrition rates for these sectors can be quite high. The motherhood penalty can be felt a lot more for women who are the only women in the room, or if they are working in a highly male-dominated, competitive workspace.


How much personal attention will I get?

Members of the MoMBA™  program get one-on-one time with Kinia or a pod leader four to six times per year, depending on when you sign up for the program. When you sign on, we’ll spend time carving out your four pillars of focus and working through them together. We will decide on the blocked sessions throughout the year for you, in advance.


How quickly will I make my money back?

Our results have varied from person to person, but typically, we have seen the following results:

  • A promotion within the first months of the program, which leads the member to achieve their investment into the program back.
  • A shift in their wealth plan, from $1 million to $6 million, for example. The program allows us to work on strategies and case studies to multiply their wealth without working more or harder. Individual results vary, and some are done with additional professional help, but women who take action on their finances typically see a significant improvement or clear actionable pathway to improvement.


Why are there so many success stories?

Because this program is achieving results. Women are seeing promotions, a feeling of enhanced confidence, healthier marriages, and an overall sensation of being happier!

This program is a year-long to help you navigate through this journey of finding harmony between career and motherhood. New concerns arise, new tasks are delegated, and this program is here to help you every step of the way.


How do women dramatically increase their net worth by participating in the MoMBA™ Program?

Because they actually take action around it. How many people have an actual financial plan? Probably quite a few, but how many working moms actually sit down and do a wealth plan and develop the accountability to get there?

When you work with a financial and wealth support system, you get results. These results come from actually taking action and having accountability, and not pushing this down the road to tackle at a later date.

This is important to a lot of women, so we have a dedicated ‘money month’, which is an intensive, ‘get-it-done’ type session to encourage you to take control and take action. While we can’t guarantee individual outcomes, we can put you in the right room to have the right conversations and take the right action to make progress.