Pros&Babes is an Alberta, Canada-based media and education company founded in 2017.


Our mission is to help STEM, corporate, and career-minded women (and their supporters) turn the Motherhood Penalty into their greatest advantage.


We also help employers and professional associations tackle the Working Parent Problem.





 We offer:


Free training on integrating career and family life.

The leading, premium leadership development program for women who have taken a parental leave in the last decade, the MoMBA program.

Conference and corporate speaking and consulting on preventing parental burnout, maternity leave transitions, and other working parent topics.

Our founder,

Kinia Romanowska

Kinia Romanowska, BA, MA, is a well-traveled award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur, maternity leave strategist, and working parent whisperer. A wife and mom of three passionate about making sure the next generation doesn’t experience the “Motherhood Penalty,” she is the founder and CEO of Pros&Babes and creator of the MoMBA (Mom MBA), the pioneering 360-leadership and personal development program for the busy, ambitious mom in Canada. She is the host of the Engineer Your Success, Leadership, and Life Harmony #likeamother” podcast."


When founding Pros&Babes in 2017, she was one of the first thought leaders in Canada to bring national awareness to the gap in resources for managing maternity leave transitions, and leveraging this period of life for career growth. Individuals can now access corporate and grant funding for their MoMBA tuition.


Kinia helps highly educated moms who have careers in male-dominated, demanding, STEM, or competitive fields redefine their career-minded mom identity, design a strategic personal brand and back-to-work/career plan after kids, create work-life balance, and up level their working mom mindset so that they have more time for themselves and their family – all while getting that next promotion. Kinia and her team also support participants’ employers.

 Our curriculum partners

Afsha Butt

Wealth Planning Expert

Maraya Brown

Yale-Trained Nurse, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Midwife

Kristen Dyck

Personal and Leadership Branding Expert

Yolanda Saez Castello

Mental Wellness Coach and Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner 

Larisa Petrini

Age Reversal Expert for High Achieving Women

Amanda Robertson

Professional Engineer, Mother, Guest Speaker, Pros&Babes Ambassador

Kirsten Eeuwes

Professional Engineer, Mother, Guest Speaker, Pros&Babes Ambassador


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