Calling STEM and Corporate Moms

The working mom manual I wish I had years ago...and without which I was stuck in overwhelm for way too long.

Join us for a free live workshop from August 19-23, featuring five, live 1-hour sessions.

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If you’re a highly educated woman whose identity was defined by her career in corporate or STEM up until you had kids...

...and you don’t want to be a burnt-out motherhood penalty and million dollar wealth gap statistic (while watching new fathers experience a “fatherhood premium” through increased wages and promotions), then this free course is for you.

Let’s create your ultimate working mom survival guide so that you overcome the crushing overwhelm of figuring out “having it all” on your own!


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"I wanted to send a quick note coming out of today’s webinar and express my gratitude for making this content available. I’ve attended so many webinars over my career and I can say this was one of my most valued. I look forward to reviewing my notes and leveraging the resources made available to make some changes!"

Workshop Participant

Join me for five, live, 1 hour sessions with guest speakers, where I'll show you:

 The one mindset shift and visioning exercise that will get you from feeling like a victim of the “motherhood penalty” to completely redefining your identity and values after having children; creating work-life integration on your terms; finding belonging in a community of fellow moms, with a clear way forward

➥ The three critical career and financial mistakes that lead women to be overlooked for promotions, “mommy-tracked” and experience the “million dollar wealth gap” (hint: if you are a highly educated professional in a corporate, male-dominated field or a high earner, you are actually MORE at risk of making these mistakes and facing this gap!)

➥ The exact working mom strategy (for moms on mat leave and working moms) and regular habits that you need to create work-family life integration at every step of your working mom journey (instead of feeling constantly time-strapped and trapped in guilt that you are “never enough” at home or at work and putting your needs last on your to-do list)

➥ The practice and follow-through with live Q&A and accountability to spur you into action

➥ The exact prioritization framework for working moms


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Amanda R., P.Eng. and Mother

“Being part of Pros&Babes has been amazing: it has changed so many things. I’m taking step after step towards my health, my career, my family; my decisions carry so much purpose. There were things I was too scared to tackle before. Now I’m like: “yes, I can do it. How will I make it happen?”

Join me for a 5-part FREE course and networking session:

Session 1: August 19, 12 MT, 1 hour 
Session 2: August 20, 12 MT, 1 hour
Session 3: August 21, 12 MT, 1 hour 
Session 4: August 22, 12 MT, 1 hour 
Session 5: August 23, 12 MT, 1 hour

Hosted By:
Kinia Romanowska
Founder & CEO

Kirsten E. P.Eng., Leader and Mother

"I made the most progress in my career. I assumed that after my first leave I should just lay low and see how motherhood affected my work. However, Kinia helped me see my potential as a leader and instead I applied for a promotion - and got it! Thankfully I had this community to help support me in the transition."

Yes! I want my working-motherhood plan! Sign me up!



Kinia Romanowska is a well-traveled award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur, maternity leave strategist, and working mom whisperer.

A wife and mom of three passionate about making sure the next generation doesn't experience the "motherhood penalty", she is the founder of Pros&Babes and creator of the MoMBA, Canada's only 360-leadership and personal development program designed for the busy, ambitious mom.

She helps highly educated moms, who have careers in male-dominated, demanding, or competitive fields, redefine their career-minded mom identity, design a strategic personal brand and back-to-work/career plan after kids, create work-life balance, and up level their working mom mindset so that they have more time for themselves and their family – all while getting that next promotion.

Kinia is:

  • A featured guest on Global News, CTV, and CBC
  • Has presented at Women in Engineering Summit, NAWO, and Women in Operations
  • A community-building professional that leverages her skills as an award-winning investigative journalist and communications professional to help women overcome the motherhood penalty

She has helped women from:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Shell
  3. Suncor
  4. APEGA
  5. Enbridge
  6. ATCO
  7. Acuren
  8. ATB Financial
  9. Global Affairs Canada
  10. OSPE 

And more!

Anastasia, Academic & Entrepreneur

"Pros&Babes has been the real deal to me. While there's a lot going on in my life, of all the people I reached out to they are the first who didn't push me to give up things that define who I am."

Colleen, Professional Engineer

"I've found in Pros&Babes a safe place where motherhood could be discussed and normalized. From there is has evolved into much more, helping me grow as a parent, a person."